6 Tips On How To Use English In Our Daily Life As Much As Possible


It is clearly make sense that one of the keys to support your English learning process is by using it whenever and wherever possible. But since we live in a non-English-speaking country, it could be a challenge to accomplish that. Here are some tips on how to use English in our daily life as much as possible:


1.      Everybody uses a cell phone, right? Even you do too. Instead of using Bahasa Indonesia (that you have already mastered, of course) why don’t you use English as a language that can be set in your cell phone? So every time you want to make a call, browse the internet, play a game, listen to the music, etc. you will have to read all the instructions in English.


2.       Enjoy watching movies? From now on try to turn off that subtitle in every movie that you watch! Or if it’s a must, use the subtitle in English – not Bahasa Indonesia.


3.      Do you like to read the series of Harry Potter? Or maybe Percy Jackson? Try to read the original English version instead of reading the one that had already been translated into Bahasa Indonesia.Trust me, you will master more vocabularies!


4.      And now it’s about the music, we can use music to support our English learning as well! You do like those songs from One Direction, don’t you? Or maybe Meghan Trainor’s songs? Don’t just stop there, try to find the lyrics of those songs, find the meaning, memorize the new vocabularies, and try to pronounce the lyrics properly.


5.      These days, most people love using social media in their daily life. If you are one of them, why don’t you use this opportunity to optimize your English? Make a post in your Facebook or Twitter in English, and don’t get mad easily if anyone is trying to correct your grammar!


6.      Last but not least, try to engage English conversation whenever possible. You can start making a conversation in English with all of your friends here in ILC area, not only when you are in the classroom but try to speak English when you enter the parking lot, go to the library, meet a friend in the lobby, and so on! Now that would be interesting!


Now you have read all those tips, start trying to do the tips daily and see how fast your English will improve! Good luck!