How To Grow Up the Spirit of Learning In Children


One of the complaints that we often say is "Why isn’t my child happy to learn and prefer to play all day?" But is it true that our child is not happy to learn? Do you believe that our true human being is a learner? Unfortunately, we often give unpleasant treatments when our children learn (unconsciously). Or maybe, we also had the unpleasant treatments in the past so that we used to think that learning wasn’t fun at all?

For example, when we have a 1 year old baby, we as a parent tend to say No! and Don’t! to certain things. As he/she wants to put all the stuff he/she can hold in his/her mouth, many parents will say: "Wait! Don’t!  It's dirty, you shouldn’t do that" while pulling the item out of his/her mouth. In fact this is a basic behavior when a child learns and the parents shouldn’t worry when the baby put something inside his/her mouth.

Then as he/she begins to walk, he/she begins to want to know more about the environment. The child will have more desire to know/learn more and fill the database in his/her brain. Unfortunately, he/she will hear more restrictions from the parents or the caregiver. Probably this happens since the parents/caregiver are tired of looking after the kids all day.


When the child is able so say some words, the child tends to ask more and more "What is this? Why?" This is also a process of learning and unfortunately, many parents tend to give negative feedback such as: “Can you please stop asking questions and play there by yourself?”


As the child find something new and interesting at home, many parents also tend to keep the child away from that thing since the parents are afraid that the child will break the thing. Well, from those examples, who actually make the children lazy to learn something?


The next example is from a boy, 8 years old named Armand. The parent complaints that he doesn’t like to study and he already had a warning from his teacher about his scores in some school subjects. Of course, the parents really want him to get better score.


The case is, when I met Armand, I know that he is an amazing boy who likes to play soccer and his favorite football club is Arsenal. He even remembers all the name of players, the number on each player’s t-shirt, the players’ birthday, the list of the goal makers, the point that team makes in each tournament, and even the rank. For me, there is nothing wrong with the hardware (the brain). The problem is the software.


When there is a child who cannot get good score in certain subjects such as Math and History because he cannot count and memorize something but he is really good at playing soccer and even remember the information about his favorite football club, I can say that this child is actually as smart as the other students. The case is, this child gets wrong treatment from his parents so that he is so lazy and doesn’t like to study. Then, what should we do so that the child wants to study easily? All we need to do is to convince the parents that they need to help their child. The parents need to have a better way to communicate with their child and these are some tips that can be applied by some parents:


  1. When the child is coming home, the parents can ask “Hi dear, what’s fun at school?” The child will automatically seek for the fun things at school and this will inform the child that the school is fun.


  1. When the child is sleeping (Hypnosleep), the parents can say: “Day by day, you will find that studying is as fun as playing and it will be easier for you to study.”


  1. Explain the benefits of learning something. When the child is learning how to multiply some numbers, the parents can tell that the child will be able to calculate the money he/she spends during the trip to Singapore and compare the price of the things when he/she returns to Indonesia. When the child is learning English, the parents can tell to the child that the child will be able to communicate with his/her favorite singer or football player from abroad.


  1. The parents can ask the help from the teachers to tell the child that he/she is an amazing child and he/she makes good progress day by day. Sincere compliment and pumping up his/her spirits is far more important than teaching fast counting and memorizing techniques.


  1. The parents can take the child to stay on their laps and tell a story. The child will get a hug and feel a love from the parents and this will inform the child that reading is fun and book is also fun.


  1. The parents can also make a secret letter to the child “Son, I have made a secret letter and I put it under the pillow in your bedroom. Please read after dinner.” What’s inside the letter? Well. The parents can write about some words to motivate the child to learn more.


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