Company Training for Professionals

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Corporate English Training is an English language training program that is designed for employees. We offer customised materials and only use our very best, experienced teachers. Our commitment is to provide the company with a program that will improve the employees’ knowledge of the English language and increase their communication skills. Innovative Learning Center provides a quality service by:

  • Recruiting highly motivated, experienced staff through a rigorous recruitment process.   We also provide regular specialized training for continued professional development.  All our teachers are qualified and have attained teachingcertification from Cambridge University.
  • Designing and customizing resources and training materials based on the needs of our clients.
  • Providing our training with flexibility in mind, at a location that is suitable for our clients whether at our own ILC premises or in-house training at the customers own premises or other choice of venue.
  • Striving to provide excellent quality training at affordableprices, in order to be the bestand most competitive establishment to learn English.   The learning materials are designed to meet the clients’ needs with the sole aim for the companies that utilize our service to gain excellent results. The training will be adapted for the English capabilities of each participant so that the materials provided are suitable and motivate the participants. Our English teachers are dedicated to the betterment of all participants.  They are creative in their approaches to teaching and use fun activities to enhance the learning experience.

Our programs :

  1. General English

The topics are related to the structure and use of the English language.

  1. Business English

The topics focus on the business industry.

  1. Specialized English

This programme is designed around the clients specific needs

  1. Conversation

This is designed to encourage the participants to use conversational English as a way to communicate more effectively.

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