Ruang Kelas Yang Luas, Bersih dan Nyaman

Spacious, clean and comfortable class rooms


At INNOVATIVE LEARNING CENTER, we apply interactive and active learning method in which students are involved in the learning activities and actively practice their English.

In addition, we offer various programs and levels to ensure our students learn English with suitable materials. They are:


TK- Pengenalan Bahasa Inggris Dimulai Dari Usia Dini KINDERGARTEN

This level is an important foundation for the next learning phases. We offer children an exciting learning experience through songs and games.

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SD - Permainan Seru Dalam Bahasa Inggris Juga Menumbuhkan Kecintaan Anak Pada Bahasa Inggris ELEMENTARY

We provide learning environment for students to express their unique personalities and to participate in the activities individually or in group

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SMP SMA - ILC Memupuk Rasa Percaya Diri Dalam Berbahasa Inggris JUNIOR & SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL

Students are prepared to refine their English skills and to improve their confidence through various interesting activities.

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Dewasa - Kelas Dewasa Untuk Mahasiswa Dan Profesional di ILCADULT

It is never too late to learn English. We present practical programs for university students and adults to extend their English skills. Join our classes now!

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