Because we have many advantages such as :

1. We have high-qualified and well-trained teaching staffs 

2. We have experienced and creative teaching staffs.

3. We improve students’ confidence to do public speaking.

SMP SMA - Kegiatan Yang Menarik Bagi Siswa

Students doing public speaking

4. We encourage students to actively use English in and outside the class room.

5. We have various teaching methods to create a fun learning atmosphere

kursus inggris SD sidoarjo

Different ways of teaching

6. We focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills equally.

SMP SMA - Permainan Dan Kegiatan Kelompok Di Kelas

7. We emphasize on values like discipline, sportsmanship, and respect.

8. We provide spacious, clean and comfortable class rooms.

9.  One-row seating class setting that enable students to have equal attention from the teacher.

10. We provide opportunity for parents to communicate with the teachers