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What’s the Difference Between “Find” and “Search”?

Hi all. Back again on our website / page: Innovative Learning Center – trusted English courses / lessons since 2007. Come on. Come on.

This time, the Innovative Learning Center English course / tutoring will discuss the differences between Find and Search in English. Any of you who already know?

The meaning of the word find itself is to find something or to discover, while search is to look up for something. So, from what meaning have you found the difference?

Find is used to express activities where we get (find) something. Something that can mean goods, situations, or an understanding of something. Whereas the word search is used to denote activity when we are trying to find something that is missing. For more details, let’s look at the following example.

  • You will find the keys on the table.
  • My mom is searching for her keys.

In the first sentence, the word find states that the doer (you) will find the item you are looking for on the table. Meanwhile, in the second sentence the word search explains that the perpetrator (my mom) is trying to find the whereabouts of his lost property.

Is this clear enough?

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