Children Class

Online & Offline Available

Children Class

Online & Offline Available

The best English Course

That helps your children to be confident in English Language

More than 6000 students has joined us and felt the benefits.

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Online class

Start from Rp. 280.000/month

Our learning system is designed to be very user-friendly to help and make it easier for your child to get the most from the online classes they take.

  1. Choices of class schedules according to ability
  2. Exciting and interactive class (fun learning)
  3. Confident in English Language and public speaking

Offline class

Start from Rp. 330.000/month

Clean, comfortable and spacious classrooms designed to support the success of the teaching and learning process, so that every student will feel a pleasant learning atmosphere.

  1. Two way teaching system
  2. We emphasize the use of English
  3. Available for students aged 4 – 13 years
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Professional Teachers

Experienced and patient teachers who master online teaching techniques ensure students to experience optimal and fun learning processes that support learning development.

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Thank you INNOVATIVE for helping my daughter to learn English. Teacher is always patience in giving directions to the kids. I hope Innovative will be even more successful.

Mrs. Laura Larasati, Chesya’s Mother


I love learning in INNOVATIVE L.C because it is fun. We can play fun games with our friends and teachers, and also learning new words, and quizzes from our teachers. This English course makes my English fluent. Moreover, we can also meet guest teachers from around the world.

Florence Annabel


Courses at INNOVATIVE L.C are very recommended, we are very satisfied.. beyond expectation.. There are guest teachers so children can experience virtual classes in various countries around the world.. The teachers are patient, creative and kind so children are never bored.. There are also simple quizzes and communication between teachers and students even when there is no class schedule. ❀

Mrs. Rika – Parents of Shabilla dan Shatya


Dario is happy to learn at Innovative, the materials are diverse, professional and fun. The teacher is also attentive to the kids. My son becomes more confident in speaking English.

Mrs. Dian, Dario Edbert Anugrah’s Mother


As Alesha is following the online class from INNOVATIVE L.C, it has helped her a lot with English subject at school. The classes are fun and orderly. The teachers are also active.

Mama Alesha