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Conversation Tips About Weather

Hi, hi. How is the weather at your place today? Cloudy? Cloudy? Bright? Hot?

Well, the Innovative Learning Center – a trusted English course / tutoring since 2007, this time will discuss how we ask questions about the weather even if it’s just for small talk or opening a conversation.

Let’s just take a look at some of the following example sentences.

Questions Answers
1. What’s it like outside?
2. What’s the temperature?
3. Is it hot or cold?
4. Beautiful day, isn’t it?
5. What’s the weather forecast?
1. Today is warm and sunny outside.
2. It’s not raining but it is cloudy.
3. It’s freezing outside.
4. You can see your breath in the air.
5. It’s pretty frosty today.

For questions about the weather, you can use one of the examples from the list above. Usually, question number 4 is the most neutral and is often used because not everyone knows about temperature or weather forecasts.

For answers, if in Indonesia we will not use answers to numbers 3, 4, and 5. But, as a suggestion: just remember the following words.

Sunnycloudywindyrainywarmhot and cold.

Well, now it’s not wrong to feel embarrassed when you meet a crush? You can use one of the above expressions to ask about today’s weather conditions and don’t be surprised if someone asks.

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