Why Choose Innovative Learning Center?
  • INNOVATIVE LEARNING CENTER has experience since 2007 in English education, with affordable fees, many choices of class schedules and guidance from professional teachers, making Innovative the only best place to learn English.

  • The class is an online class using ZOOM where students and teachers can have two-way communication. We use the Fun Learning method.

  • English skills are needed now and in the future, mastering of the language is one way to be able to compete to be the best in the future.
  • English is the most widely spoken language, facilitating communication with active mastery of the language.

There are 3 main requirements to become an INNOVATIVE student

  • Take our online placement test (speaking)
  • Choose the schedule offered based on the results of the placement test
  • Make administrative payments and can immediately join the class.

The main key to being an INNOVATIVE student is having a strong will to try to speak English.

  • INNOVATIVE’s teachers are teachers who are trained professionally by the best mentors in the field of English language education with international standards. 
  • Teachers are trained continuously for classroom handling and management by both local and international education experts.
  • INNOVATIVE uses the Fun Learning method, the learning atmosphere will be made as exciting as possible so that students do not feel bored while studying. We familiarize the use of English with hands-on practice so that students are accustomed to using English in class.
  • With an integrated learning method (blended learning), our curriculum is formed by a special team that is able to find out what students need. In addition, we also provide class activities for students by referring to the Fun Learning method.
  • Head Office : Puri Surya Jaya H3 No 3 Gedangan – Sidoarjo
  • Surabaya Branch Office:

    – Rungkut Asri

    -Babatan Pratama – Wiyung

  • Sidoarjo Branch Office:

    -Pondok Candra Indah – Deltasari

    -Taman Tiara Sidoarjo (Near Transmart)

  • To take a course at INNOVATIVE, we must first determine the level of English proficiency of prospective students by conducting an online speaking test and after that our experienced consultants will help adjust the best study package to make learning goals more effective and efficient. This is what makes course fees at INNOVATIVE only known after the results of the placement test are available.
  • FREE Placement Test
  • FREE Coba kelas
  • Bonus class with GUEST TEACHER, a class to share various cultures with our overseas teachers.
  • Whatsapp Group access to get study info of that day in class.
  • Get E-Certificate when taking a minimum 3 months of our course.
  • Get report cards for students
  • Get opportunity for parents meeting every 6 months
  • Get various rewards for students that can be redeemed with merchandise.
  • The essence of learning English is to use it as often as possible so that new habit of communication using English is formed.

  • By having sufficient English skills, you can make big changes for a brighter future.

What is English for Young Learners?
  • Online Interactive Class for children aged 4-7 years old, selection of material with many class activities and learning about basic English. 
  • Online Interactive Class for children aged 8-16 years old, selection of materials with grammar exercises and their use, class discussions, presentations and even story telling to public speaking.

  • Online Interactive Class for college students and the general public, selection of materials with a focus on speaking skills, discussion of current problems and habituation of conversation in class.

  • The globalization era and increasingly fierce competition makes everyone should always improve themselves, especially in the working world, in which English has increasingly become the main language.

    From doing the first part of a job interview to communicating with colleagues, being able to speak English well in the working world is the start of a bright career. This class is here to help adapt your skills to the demands of the working world.

  • Try Out Class for the TOEFL Test (PBT / ITP). If you want to know the prediction for TOEFL test score, you can take this program. E-Certificate TOEFL Prediction Score is also included..

  • This class is a preparation class for the TOEFL test, which will discuss tips for working on the questions. At the last meeting of the program, a TOEFL test simulation will be carried out. Participants will get an E-Certificate of TOEFL Prediction Score, in order to find out the  estimated score obtained.

  • INNOVATIVE provides certificate printing facilities for students who have attended lessons for at least 3 (three) months. Students only need to pay a printing fee of Rp. 30,000.

  • INNOVATIVE has a FUN LEARNING learning method combined with very experienced teachers, so that they can be professional in handling classes and prioritize emotional closeness with students. Teachers are provided with regular training and discussions about the development of teaching methods that are very popular with children.

    INNOVATIVE team is professionally integrated from the Front Liners, Teacher and Customer Care divisions, making us one of the best places for English tutoring in Surabaya-Sidoarjo. We are currently developing ourselves to be able to provide our service for all cities in Indonesia with Interactive Online classes.