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What’s the Difference Between “For” and “Since”?

Hi all. Back again on our website / page: Innovative Learning Center – trusted English courses / tutoring since 2007.

This time, the Innovative Learning Center English course / tutoring will discuss the differences between For and Since in English. Any of you who already know?

Often we hear these two words. Especially to explain the activities we do. If we put these two words in the same context the two words describe when we do something.

For more details, let’s look at the following example.

  1. I have been doing my homework for two hours.
  2. I am working on my homework since 7 o’clock.

In the first sentence, the word for shows the duration or time period the doer does something, while the word since in the second sentence shows the time the activity started by the doer.

Simple enough isn’t it?

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